Hello and welcome to the Visual Novel Cafe or VN Cafe, in short. I’m your blogger, Eu.

Visual Novels got me hooked the first time I played one of its kind. Those games might be the type where there is little to no gameplay, but the complexity of the story and the richness of the art style draw me in. It introduced me to a different way of telling stories and it was amazing!

Then I came across Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side. While not a visual novel, as it was more of a dating sim, it got me hooked. Through blog hopping, I learned about the term otome games or otoge. Not to sound dramatic, but it changed my life in ways I could not imagine. For one, I started studying Japanese seriously. Second, it introduced me to a sub-branch of VNs which were otome games. And the rest was history.

While I play otome and BL games most of the times, I do play non-otome ones. I loved good stories, no matter what genre they are. And I loved talking about them as well. I loved writing about what makes a route interesting or charming or intriguing or… you get the idea.

I used to mostly write my impressions/reviews for a game as a whole. But lately, I want to focus on each route/end as they all have certain qualities that differ from the rest of the story. Some are precious golden ones – the ones that make the entire game worth buying. Others are okay. I see character routes as mini chapters or episodes in the whole scheme of things. So I want to focus and talk about that. Of course, I’ll be talking about the entire game as well.

Under VN Cafe, I’ve added a sub-category of posts which is placed under Hangovers. Because other than playing visual novels, I’m also an avid fan of manga and (light/web) novels. So you’ll see posts about those a lot. I hope you enjoy reading those posts as well and please share your thoughts about them if you’ve read those series.

So kick back and relax and drown in feels with me. See you around!


Updated: 11/3/2018