Hangover #67: Ichimai Goshi Fetish (一枚越しフェティッシュ)

ichimai goshi fetish

If you are going to ask me what I think about Ichimai Goshi Fetish, all I can think about it is that it IS hot. Half of the book feels like foreplay, each on a higher level than the previous one.

Hence, I call it the slow burn sex. www

It starts out very innocent. Kuroe asks the Cosplay Club to make a costume for characters from their club’s doujin game. In exchange, he has to be Touma’s model. Nude modeling is not mentioned, so we’ll be safe to think that it’s just dress fitting, a little posing, etc.

…is that what you think there is to it? e v e

But things get to turn a little… hmm perverted when you ask your model to wear something like this:

ichimai goshi fetish

…when you have whole body tights fetish. Lmao

Who would have thought, though?

Touma appears cold and kinda standoffish at first. He even has the poker face on. When in reality, Touma’s a big pervert and unapologetic about it www. He’s just a perv with a massive tights fetish. He reminds me of that meme that is going around on the internet. The one with “Me in Public” and “Me in Private” meme www. (I’m tempted to create a meme using his face lmao)

ichimai goshi fetish

And he proved to me that he’s not another cool-looking seme. Just look at his facial expressions. He goes from an adorable puppy to a massive hentai in no time. He could even pull a puppy eyes in the middle of H-things www.

ichimai goshi fetish

How can someone be adorable and erotic at the same time? www

Well, Kuroe wonders about that as well – the poor little red riding hood lured by the cute wolf. All he wanted is a costume for his game. But I don’t think, he is that innocent as well. I mean, he gets turn on with the tights (IDK if his love for Sentai shows adds to that?) and tags along with Touma’s foreplay techniques. In short, he is a very much willing victim. www

Just as they have compatible bodies and hobbies, they complement each other too, personality-wise. I love how they inspire each other and do better in their fields. They try to be a better person for the other. What I find amusing though is that they are awkward and clumsy in love but pros in bed. (゚∀゚)

Meanwhile, the panels contribute a lot in building the tension.

I think the H-scenes in every chapter wouldn’t have been so effective if Yamasaki Uni goes straight to sex instead. They took their time drawing each panel, capturing every subtle movement, like a change in tilting of the heads. All these, while also giving emphasis in the shift of tension or feelings of the characters. It creates a more solid build up despite characters not even on the make-out part yet. This makes the pervert in me really happy. I’m a sucker for UST. www

Do I love this? Do I recommend it?


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